Birthday party static cling stickers made by Furnishables stuck to the front of a glass pet habitat

Let's Party | Static Cling | Pet Cage Theme


  • £4.50

7 Birthday Party Static Cling Stickers.

Ready to celebrate your pet's Birthday, Got'cha Day or Adoptiversary??

Includes:  3 Balloons | Birthday Cake | Piñata | Candy/Sweets | Theme Logo

  • Made from static cling vinyl.
  • They stick to glass without adhesive.
  • Reversible - can be stuck on both sides.
  • Easy to remove, reposition and reuse!

Safety Warning: Furnishables must only be applied to the outside of your pet's enclosure. Never allow your pet to come in direct contact with the stickers.

Although we aim to produce each sticker as accurately as possible, some colours may slightly vary. This sticker sheet is 238 x 155mm.

Any questions, please feel free to drop us a message at

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