Covid - 19


Is the shop open?

Yes - the shop is currently open, however please expect postal delays.

Are you shipping overseas (outside of the UK)?

Yes - however each country has their own postal restrictions in place. Please review the current status of the postal service in your country before placing an order and be aware, that you may experience long delays of up to 3 to 4+ weeks!

Alternatively, you can purchase an online gift card instead, which you could use when the health situation is under control and the postal service has returned to normal.  🙂

What health precautions are you taking?

I am the only one who prints & packages orders. I will continue to wash my hands before processing orders and will keep the work area clean & sanitised.

How will you post the orders?

As 99% percent of my orders are sent in standard or large letters, I will continue to post them in the nearest letter box, which is just a short walk away.

What happens if my order can’t be delivered?

If I become unwell, or if the Royal Mail (UK postal service), decide to suspend mail collection, I may be forced to close the shop again.

In this instance, if you have placed an order, I will get in contact and either offer a full refund, or the option to temporarily delay your order and I will post it as and when possible.

Thank you for your support and I wish you, your pets, family & friends all the best through this rocky time!

If you have any other questions at all, please leave a message below: